Capital Kings Drops Infectious New Single “Antidote” Featuring Sam Rivera

Capital kings
Capital Kings

Dynamic music duo Capital Kings known for their electrifying sound and chart-topping hits, has just released their latest single, “Antidote,” featuring the talented Sam Rivera. The track, a collaborative effort by Cole Walowac, Jon White, Sam Rivera, Mitch Wong, and Johannes Klahr, is set to become an instant hit and a go-to “Antidote” for music lovers.

With “Antidote,” Capital Kings once again proves their prowess in crafting irresistibly catchy songs that blend various musical influences. The track boasts an infectious rhythm, captivating melodies, and stellar production that make it impossible not to dance along. Sam Rivera’s vocals add an extra layer of energy and charisma to this musical concoction.

Capital kings antidote
Capital Kings Antidote

Capital Kings’ ability to fuse different elements into a cohesive and energetic sound has made them a favorite among music enthusiasts. “Antidote” is no exception, as it seamlessly weaves elements of pop, electronic, and dance music into a track that is both refreshing and exhilarating.

As you listen to “Antidote,” you’ll find yourself swept up in its high-energy beats and engaging lyrics. The song not only serves as a musical escape but also as the perfect remedy for those seeking an instant mood lift.

Capital Kings and Sam Rivera have struck gold with “Antidote,” a song that promises to be the perfect prescription for an electrifying listening experience. Prepare to be captivated by the magnetic sound of Capital Kings and Sam on all platforms here

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