Lecrae Responds to Criticism, Discontinues Controversial Cardi B T-shirt


Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae, renowned for his open Christian faith and music, has decided to discontinue a T-shirt featuring a slogan that juxtaposed rapper Cardi B with a Bible reference.

The controversy began when Louisiana rapper Dee-1 called out Lecrae’s “Righteous & Ratchet” merchandise campaign, which featured a T-shirt with the phrase: “I can quote Cardi B and Corinthians.”

Dee-1 expressed his concerns, emphasizing that not everyone in the Christian hip-hop community supported this initiative. He disclosed that he had privately discussed his reservations with Lecrae, suggesting that the T-shirt might be misleading.

In an Instagram video, Dee-1 conveyed his belief that Lecrae seemed to prioritize business over ministry, raising concerns about being “lukewarm” in his approach.

Responding to the growing criticism and feedback, Lecrae took to Instagram to address the controversial T-shirt after several weeks. He announced that the shirt would be discontinued and clarified his intentions behind it.

Lecrae emphasized that the T-shirt was not intended to promote debauchery or worldliness, expressing regret for not considering all the implications before its release. He acknowledged that the context was crucial, especially in major cities where Christianity could be associated with racism, political ideologies, homophobia, and anti-intellectualism.

Lecrae highlighted his efforts to challenge these misconceptions and stressed that Christians are diverse individuals who can come to Jesus from various backgrounds. He cited Matthew 16:18, where Jesus spoke to Peter about the Gospel’s resilience even in challenging environments.

While acknowledging that he may sometimes come across as “seeker-sensitive,” Lecrae clarified that his intention was always to reach people with the message of Christ.

In conclusion, Lecrae admitted that the T-shirt was thoughtless, and he should have given it more consideration.

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