Levi Lusko and Lisa Harper’s Advent Tour Featuring Fresh Life Worship

Fresh life worship levi lusko & lisa harper tour
Fresh Life Worship Levi Lusko & Lisa Harper Tour

Pastor and best-selling author, Levi Lusko, along with theological scholar and Bible teacher, Lisa Harper, are joining forces for the “Recapturing the Wonder of Advent” Tour this Christmas season. The family-friendly tour, set to take place from November 29th to December 16th, will also feature worship by Fresh Life Worship.

During the tour, attendees will have the opportunity to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas and step away from the busyness and pressures of the season. Levi and Lisa aim to reignite a sense of awe and wonder, reminding audiences that the foundation of their belief system is not a human construct but a divine love story – a rescue mission, where the King of all kings came to invade human hearts.

Lisa Harper, sharing her excitement about the tour, said, “Levi Lusko is one of my favorite people on the planet, and Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I am more excited about our upcoming tour than I am about an all-you-can-eat chips & queso buffet… which is saying a lot.”

The tour will offer a fresh perspective on the story of Advent while providing genuine joy, laughter, and deep healing for those who carry heavy hearts during the holiday season. It invites attendees to joyfully embark on a journey towards the greatest spectacle in history – the birth of Jesus – and to fall on their knees in awe of Him.

Levi Lusko expressed his belief in the Advent journey as an opportunity to encounter profound and lasting delight in the Savior. The tour, featuring Lisa and Fresh Life Worship, aims to help individuals discover defiant hope in the midst of pain and experience a spectacular encounter with joy.

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