Scotty Inman Signs Exclusive Songwriting Deal with Daywind Music Publishing

Scotty inman
Scotty Inman

Accomplished artist and songwriter Scotty Inman recently inked an exclusive songwriting agreement with Daywind Music Publishing.  This announcement follows Scotty’s recent signing with Daywind Records as a recording artist, marking an exciting chapter in his illustrious gospel music career.

Scotty Inman’s songwriting prowess is evident from his impressive track record. He has earned four BMI songwriting awards for songs recorded by gospel groups such as Triumphant Quartet and LeFevre Quartet. His compositions consistently topped the Singing News radio charts, claiming the number one position eight times. His recent single, “Anywhere Jesus Is,” climbed to number one on the inaugural Singing News Faith Country Top 40 chart, solidifying his impact on the gospel music landscape.

A special homecoming, Scotty’s return to Daywind Music Publishing, where his songwriting journey began almost two decades ago, marks an exciting new chapter. The rekindled partnership promises to deliver fresh and inspiring gospel music, combining his exceptional songwriting abilities with his remarkable vocal talent.

Scotty Inman’s reunion with Daywind Music Publishing underscores the company’s commitment to nurturing gospel music talent. This partnership heralds the creation of new and uplifting songs, celebrating faith, hope, and inspiration within the gospel music community.

Daywind Music Publishing is renowned for providing a nurturing space for exceptional songwriters and artists in the gospel music realm. Their commitment to recognizing and promoting talent within the genre has paved the way for powerful voices to share their inspirational messages.

The company’s roster of songwriters brings a unique and resonant voice to gospel music. Their songs transcend boundaries, resonating with a diverse audience and touching countless lives with messages of hope and faith.

Daywind’s dedication to promoting talent has resulted in a treasure trove of gospel music that inspires and uplifts. The partnership between Daywind Music Publishing and its songwriters has created a legacy of extraordinary music that will continue to inspire audiences.

Welcoming Scotty Inman into their fold, Daywind Music Publishing reaffirms its commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for songwriters to share their gifts. This union marks a new chapter in their storied history, promising even more remarkable music in the gospel genre.

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