LyGlynay Takes a Stand Against Abortion with Powerful New Song


Portuguese pop rock band LyGlynay has made a bold statement with their latest release, “I’m Against Abortion.” The song addresses the poignant issue of abortion with an uncompromising message that is sure to resonate with audiences far and wide.

In a world where important conversations about social issues often find their voice in music, LyGlynay has stepped up to the plate to address the topic of abortion head-on. “I’m Against Abortion” features poignant lyrics that poignantly convey the band’s stance.

The song states: “Everyday The number of abortions Is countless Over this tragedy Every single day Thousands of babies Are killed Without mercy”

I'm against abortion

LyGlynay, previously known as Lynay, has been making music since 2007. They underwent a significant transformation in 2015, rebranding themselves as LyGlynay to better reflect their message, which includes “Love your God, love your neighbor as yourself.”

With a catalog that spans six albums, one EP, and four singles, LyGlynay has consistently used their music to convey meaningful messages and tackle important social issues. In the band’s latest lineup, they continue to produce captivating and thought-provoking music.

LyGlynay is led by the talents of:

  • José Luís Pinto – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
  • Adriano Mar – Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Serafim Espírito Santo – Bass
  • Fernando Gomes – Drums

The band’s discography tells a story of evolution and commitment to their craft, featuring six albums, one EP, and four singles released between 2007 and 2023.

“I’m Against Abortion” represents LyGlynay’s dedication to shedding light on critical social issues through music. The song’s powerful message and emotive delivery are sure to make it a topic of conversation and a source of inspiration for their audience.

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