Mission House Releases New Dual Single “If I Was A Bird + Abide”

Mission house
Creator: 3ElevenProduction Copyright: WILLIAM E. ARGUETA

Mission House presents their new dual single, “If I Was A Bird + Abide,” recorded live with the Mission House team and friends. These songs embody surrender and dependence on God, reflecting a theme of returning to God and relying on Him in their music.

“Abide,” led by Aaron Williams, communicates this message profoundly, urging listeners to recognize that everything they have comes from the Father and dispelling the myth of independence.

Following the first part of the recording, “If I Was A Bird” is a beautiful musical prayer led by Dee Wilson. The song is adorned with warm acoustic tones and a genuineness that reflects Mission House’s ability to craft songs that deeply resonate with people’s experiences of life and faith.

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