Tedashii Releases New Rap Single “Dead Or Alive”


Tedashii has just dropped his latest rap single, “Dead Or Alive,” following the recent release of “MMA Freestyle.” This song is one of the lead singles on his Forthcoming EP “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1

In this hard-hitting track, Tedashii discusses the daily struggle of walking with Christ and his heart’s desire for God’s plan in his life. The song continues the story of Tedashii’s fight for his faith and speaks honestly about the hardships he’s faced, their impact on his life, and his ultimate desire for God’s purpose.

Produced by VinnyforGood, Zach Paradis, and Alex Dollar, “Dead Or Alive” is a lyrically honest and sonically powerful track that showcases Tedashii’s personal journey and the spiritual battles he’s encountered. In the song’s bridge, Tedashii expresses his desire for God’s presence in his heart and his honesty about feeling lost.

Tedashii’s music has always been a reflection of his life experiences, from sharing the loss of his one-year-old son Chase on “Below Paradise” to opening up about self-esteem issues on the introspective track “Mirror Talk” from his EP “This Time Around 2.” Through his music and social media presence, Tedashii continues to be a source of hope and inspiration for those facing their own challenges.

In “Dead Or Alive,” Tedashii reminds listeners that they are destined for more than the trials and attacks they face, emphasizing the message of hope and faith. The song encourages individuals to persevere and trust in God’s plan for their lives.

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