Thulia Massouega Uplifts Spirits with Debut Gospel Single “Yehoshua”

Thulia massouega
Thulia Massouega

Thulia Massouega, a France-based gospel artist, has graced the music scene with her debut worship song titled “Yehoshua,” released on September 30, 2023. With a voice that carries the essence of devotion, Thulia Massouega invites listeners into a solemn and uplifting world of gospel.

This debut single not only showcases the quality and depth of Thulia’s vocals but also delivers a sound that resonates with the spiritual essence of worship. “Yehoshua” takes you on a moving journey, creating an atmosphere of reverence and connection.

Thulia massouega
Thulia Massouega

Originally from Gabon and currently residing in France, Thulia Massouega wears multiple hats as a real estate negotiator and a student in a municipal music school. Her love for Christian music has now found expression in “Yehoshua,” a song that reflects her deep faith and musical passion.

As Thulia embarks on her musical journey, she expresses a desire for collaboration and welcomes any guidance or support that aligns with her mission to uplift souls through her music. Experience the heartfelt worship embodied in “Yehoshua” as Thulia Massouega emerges as a promising gospel artist.

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