Will Brown Shares Heartfelt Song “Back When We Were Young”

Will Brown, a talented musician, has recently released a deeply personal song titled “Back When We Were Young.” This song holds significant meaning for Will as he wrote it during one of the darkest periods of his life. At that time, his faith in Jesus was almost nonexistent, and he longed to regain the childlike faith he once had. Will was going through the pain of witnessing his father’s affair, which left him completely heartbroken. He questioned God and struggled to understand why such a painful experience was allowed to happen.

In one sitting, Will poured his emotions into this song, using it as a prayer to the Father. Through the process of writing and singing “Back When We Were Young,” Will found immense healing. His hope is that others who listen to this song will also experience that same healing. Will’s music is a reflection of his journey, and he hopes it leads listeners to the feet of Jesus, as it has drawn him closer to his faith than ever before.

Releasing his own music has been a long-held dream for Will. With “Back When We Were Young,” he has achieved that milestone. This song is a testament to his authenticity and creativity, as it was written, sung, and created straight from his heart. Will is proud of this release and feels honored to have others join him on this musical journey.

Osafo Daniel
Osafo is the Co-Founder of Gospel Chapter. Beyond his editorial role he does PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO

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