K-Anthony & Angie Glenn Join Forces to Deliver “Fight For Me”


Christian artists K-Anthony and Angie Glenn have collaborated on a compelling new track titled “Fight For Me.” This song is a testament to the unwavering human spirit and the faith that empowers individuals to overcome life’s challenges.

“Fight For Me” is a multifaceted song that encapsulates prayer, praise, worship, and thanksgiving. The creation of this song mirrored these dimensions, with the process evolving in a similar sequence. In life, people often confront overwhelming battles that surpass their own strength and problems for which they cannot find solutions or foresee outcomes. In such moments, individuals cry out to God, asking Him to “fight for me.”

Fight for me cover
Fight For Me Cover

The essence of this song lies in the profound relationship between God and His children. When His children call upon Him, God not only hears but also answers and delivers. “Fight For Me” captures this deep connection and the assurance that, in times of struggle and adversity, God is present to fight alongside and on behalf of His people.

K-Anthony and Angie Glenn’s collaboration brings to life the powerful message of faith, resilience, and reliance on God’s unwavering love and support. This song serves as a source of inspiration and hope for listeners, reminding them that they are never alone in their battles, and that with faith, they can conquer any obstacle.

As K-Anthony and Angie Glenn’s voices blend harmoniously in this uplifting anthem, they encourage others to hold onto their faith and trust that God will always be there to fight for them.

Listen to “Fight For Me” on all platforms here

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