Unified Sound Embarks on a Worship Journey with the Release of “Cantaremos (En Vivo)”

Unified sound
Unified Sound

Unified Sound, a collective of musicians and worship leaders from diverse cities, has officially released their debut album, “Cantaremos (En Vivo).” The 10-song album invites listeners on a vibrant worship journey, offering lively and revisited versions of influential songs that have significantly shaped the Church over the past few years. With a unique Latin flavor, Unified Sound aims to contribute to the rich tapestry of worship expressions within Hispanic church communities.

The band, led by Joel Lopez, consists of musicians and worship leaders deeply rooted in their respective Hispanic church communities. “Cantaremos (En Vivo)” is more than an album; it’s a mission to share a unique and refreshing musical expression that reflects the essence of God’s heart, encompassing worship from people of all tribes and languages. The album features collaborations with various artists, including Dr. Ron Kenoly, Ingrid Rosario, Abraham Velazquez, and more.

Cantaremos (en vivo)
Cantaremos (En Vivo)

Joel Lopez, the band’s leader, expressed the mission behind “Cantaremos (En Vivo),” stating, “We believe in the power of embracing diverse elements from our beautiful world and various cultures, uniting together to craft a harmonious sound that binds the body of Christ in worship.” The album is an embodiment of the joy of worshipping God in community, celebrating the rich diversity found within the global Church.

“Cantaremos (En Vivo)” is not just a musical project; it’s a declaration of unity, diversity, and the universal language of worship that transcends cultural boundaries. Unified Sound aspires to awaken a passion for worship, offering a distinct genre that sets itself apart from mainstream North American worship sounds. Through their unique expression, Unified Sound contributes to the vibrant mosaic of worship within the global Church, fostering a sense of community and togetherness in the worship experience.

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